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Employment/Job Opportunities
Afriford University welcomes Applications from qualified individuals who want to work with the University in different categories. Lecturers and non-Academic staff applications are considered. Specify whether you want to work full time or Part-time. For students that want to augment their allowance with some income, check the available work that is permitted for your course of study. Work for student is very limited except during holidays unless the student is on Part-time studies.

Categories of work available of employment:

  • Full time Staff
  • Part-time Staff
  • Distance Learning Facilitator; for distance learning students
  • Online Facilitators; for our online programs


Business Development Unit

Our University Business Development Unit specializes in analyzing different business for individual and corporate bodies if you have a business, send it to the Business Unit for analysis. If the board certifies the workability of your business plan we will take responsibility in implementing it and in absence of funds we can partially or totally finance it.



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We partner with individual and corporate bodies to deliver excellence to the world. We welcome partners in area of Open and Distance Education and Online programs. We also partner in business development of Individuals and Corporate bodies. We are partnership with foreign Universities, Academic institutions, Ministry of Educations and other Academic bodies that help us to maintain the very best standard.


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