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CFA Naira Mode of payment
  • Admission form (Undergraduate)
15,000 cfa N 6,000 Payable in two Installments either to the School in Cash or through the University Bank Account
  • Admission form (Postgraduate)
20,000 cfa (Masters); 40,000 cfa (PhD) N10,000 (Masters); N20,000 (PhD)
  • Acceptance Fee (Undergraduate)
20,000 cfa N10,000
  • Acceptance Fee (Postgraduate)
40,000 cfa N20,000
  • Nursing Science
600,000 cfa N300,000
  • Public/Community Health
500,000 cfa N250,000
  • Environmental Science and Resource Management
  • Environmental Engineering
400,000 cfa N250,000
  • Electrical/Electronic Engineering
  • Civil Engineering/Building Technology
  • Estate Management
900,000 cfa N450,000
  • Architecture
  • Chemical/Petroleum Engineering
  • Mechanical/Automotive Engineering
1,200,000 cfa N600,000
  • Computer Science/Engineering
  • Information Technology
400,000 cfa N200,000
  • Law (LL.B)
430,000 cfa N250, 000
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Banking and Finance
  • Marketing
  • Business Administration/Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Public Administration
  • Information and Management Technology
380,000 cfa N190,000
  • Peace keeping and Conflict Resolution
  • International Relations/Political Science
380,000 cfa N190,000
  • Mass Communication
  • Theatre Art
  • Linguistics
600,000 cfa N300,000
  • Education
400,000 cfa


Part-time/Open and Distance Learning Programs 200, 000 cfa N100,000
Masters 900,000 cfa N450,000
Accomodation (Compulsory for Freshers) 160, 000 cfa N 120,000




The above listed fees do not cover Feeding Accommodation, transport and medical expenses. These expenses are catered by the students. However we provide you here with some estimate of student’s expenses as gathered from Research.

Depending on your preferences, feeding ranges from 20,000 CFA – 90,000 CFA per month.

Depending on where you live; it ranges from 10,000 CFA - 15,000 CFA per month

For those who wish to use the University hostel, you should pay for the accommodation separately. The hostel accommodation ranges from 80,000 CFA (N40,000) and above per Semester.
However, if you wish to live outside our hostels, the rents within the city ranges from 2,000CFA to 40,000cfa (N10,000 - N20,000) per month (excluding Light and water bills). An upfront of ten months or one year is usually demanded on first payment from most house owners.

Medical Expenses:

The medical expenses in the City depend on your medical needs. For the students with Health challenges, special request should be made to see the doctor with your medical records so as to determine your expenses. But for students without Health challenges, your expenses on medicals will only be as per hospital visit. In the city, depending on the health challenge the medical expense per day (including a night hospitalization, test and drugs) ranges from 30,000 CFA (N10,000) and above. But if the illness does not require hospitalization, the amount will be less.


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